Environmental Initiatives

As a global enterprise that simultaneously maintains deep community roots, Djarum Foundation is keenly aware of the need to protect and preserve our surroundings, for the continuity of life as we know it and benefit of future generations. Our obligations to this planet run parallel to our long term objectives of creating real value for all stakeholders involved.

Starting with our hometown of Kudus, Djarum, through our Environmental Initiatives program, has practiced good environmental stewardship since 1979. Our initial efforts in Kudus have now blossomed into a massive tree planting initiative in Central Java with the purpose of re-greening, preserving local ecosystems, preventing erosion, creating shade and helping water catchments. The equatorial tropics absorb more CO2 than any other climate zone due to its massive vegetation cover and as such, in effort to fight global warming, Djarum has planted 1 million trees over the last 30 years. These trees comprise thousands of plant species, including fruit trees that generate income for local communities while also slowing erosion and flooding problems. As an example, Mount Muria is one area that has benefited from our efforts beginning in 2001.

Not stopping there, in 2010 the Djarum Trees for Life (DTFL) program began planting Rain Trees (Trembesi) along the 1350 kilometers-long Central Java Pantura North coastal highway, with the goal of reaching enough trees by 2014 to absorb up to 685 million kilograms of CO2 each year. These rain-absorbing trees will also provide cooling shade, improve air quality by giving off oxygen, and improve water catchment in the area.

Key facts

  • Since 1979, Djarum has planted more than 2 million trees throughout Indonesia.
  • By 2017, we aim to plant enough Rain Trees to absorb 2.6 million tons of CO2 per year.

In addition, Djarum actively preserves endangered Indonesian plant species by cultivating them in a controlled environment. Intensive research, cultivation and care are invested to save these endangered plants for the benefit of the planet.

This vision of a green and thriving planet constantly inspires Djarum in its efforts towards environmental stewardship. We continue to strive to make the world a better place, one tree at a time. All to preserve the planet that we live on for future generations.

  • Djarum Trees For Life has planted Trembesi trees (Rain trees) spanning 2,150 km across Java and Madura, with the ability to absorb an estimated 2.6 million tons of CO2 per year.

  • Taking care of rain trees (Trembesi) along the 2,150 km across Java and Madura.

  • Djarum Trees For Life continues to plant trees and participate in raising the community's quality of life.